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A Landlord's Best Friend: The 3 Day Notice

Welcome back to Property Management Advice with Rex Rentals & Realty. Previously, we gave you an outline on the four major notices that you are going to be utilizing throughout your tenancy. Today... read more >>

How to Market Your New Rental Property

Once all is said and done, and you're ready to put that "For Rent" sign on the lawn, it all becomes about marketing. This is an aspect a Property Management company with their wealth of ... read more >>

How to Navigate Fair Housing Laws

Welcome to back to Property Management Advice with Rex Rentals and Realty. I am excited to have you here to discuss a crucial aspect of property management - understanding and navigating Fair Housing ... read more >>

Do You Really Need A CPA?

Whether you just bought your first property or are managing multiple rentals there are some building blocks essential to your success that start by how you run your office as a landlord. Let’s t... read more >>

Do you have the right insurance as a landlord?

As a landlord, having the right insurance coverage is essential to protect your investment and mitigate potential risks. Let's take a look at why the right insurance matters, discuss insurance opt... read more >>
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